CLIMB Mentorship Program’22

CLIMB (Connect Learn Inspire Mentor Belong) is DTU’s first and only all women’s community

Navigating through so many tech stacks gets quite intimidating oftentimes and The built-up stress due to the Internship Season being around the corner. That’s when I felt the need of having a Mentor to guide me and help me navigate through my query and eventually I came across a Linkedin Post about the CLIMB Mentorship Program.

This program is for all Sophomore female students from Engineering and design colleges. It is a 4-week program with accomplished seniors as our mentors from various domains ranging from Tech, Non-tech, Core, and Design. Every week focuses on a specific topic, such as Skill Development, Interview Preparation, DSA, Core Subjects, etc.

I was among the mentees for this cohort. Firstly, based on our domain (Tech, Design, Core, etc.) the mentees were divided into subgroups of 5–6 students, and One Mentor per subgroup. I chose the Tech domain and my mentor for this program is Vanshika Di, an Engineering Undergrad at DTU and an amazing senior.

For Week 1, We had our introductory meeting, where she asked us 1 on 1 about our current status on DSA and tried to analyse the areas that we need to focus on, and suggested possible tips that we could implement. We also had a Session on Competitive Programming by Chitra Singla Di. It was very helpful for me, as since my freshmen year, I’ve been intimidated by CP but that session provided me with some insights and tips that I could use in kickstarting my CP journey.

For Week 2, Vanshika Di asked our feedback on the progress that we made during the week and shared DSA resources that She compiled for us. We had a Session on Web Development, App Development, and Machine Learning, by 3 Accomplished Speakers in these domains. My field of interest is Web Dev, So I attended that one. The Speaker for the session was Anshita Jain. She is also pursuing her Engineering Degree from DTU. During the entire session, she elaborated on how to get started with Web Dev. Although I had some experience with Web D, Even then It was very informative and not to forget, the amazing example of Momos that she used for the entire session.

This mentorship has made me more accountable to my tasks as I know that there is someone else who is putting their efforts and time into helping us, mentees, upskill and become Internship Ready. I had a great time learning and networking with my fellow mentees. Looking forward to the upcoming weeks.



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